West 2008

West 2008 October 10th - 12th

Held once again at Portland State University we decided to take a chance and go for a three day conference. I must say when Selena Deckelmann presented the idea to me I was skeptical. The original plan was to have the conference on weekends to not interrupt busy work schedules.

We are very grateful for Selena's idea. The conference ended up being a smashing success. We had 20% increase in attendance over West 2007. We were also able to host a code sprint and a mini training. In retrospect we should have put even more content into the 10th as there were plenty of people in attendance to appreciate it.

West 2008 was used as a financial launchpad for United States (PgUS) PostgreSQL Association. The conference provided enough donations (via direct contribution) to initiate a positive cash flow to pay all bills (legal filings, accountants) and give the non profit a leg up for 2009.