Entrust Authority Security Manager

Nikola Maksimovic

This presentation will give an overview of Entrust decision to choose
Postgresql and support from Enterprise DB for Entrust Authority Security
Manager product.

Last 12 years Entrust Authority Security Manager has used a vendor
database in an embedded configuration. We implemented all necessary
database administration commands through our product and our customers
traditionally did not have a need for DB admin when they run our
product. We have been very happy with support and quality of the
vendor database, yet, we did not have any control over lifetime of the
product (including support), packaging, licensing and increasing
pricing. Entrust is not a database vendor and will never be. Still we
needed flexibility to "own" the source code of the product, choose what
we package, upgrade the database only when we deem so. Postgresql was an
obvious choice, it has been around for 3 decades, has superb licensing
and excellent support, on par with vendor databases. An overview of our
usage of database will be presented.