PostgreSQL High Availability via SLONY and PG POOL II

Kevin Kempter

From East 2010 Speakers

We'll dive deep into a PostgreSQL HA setup using SLONY and PG POOL II.

Covered topics will include:

An Overview of SLONY

Setup of a working SLONY Cluster

Adding/Dropping data structures to/from a SLONY Cluster

SLONY switchover

SLONY Failover

Adding additional nodes

PG POOL II Overview

Setup of a working PG POOL instance


The PG POOL Health Check

Load Balancing

The PG POOL System DB

Failover and Failback via PG POOL

The PG POOL Communitaions Manager (PCP) including:

- attaching/detaching nodes to/from the pool

- displaying node information for the nodes under PG POOL's control

- displaying PG POOL process information

- pcp recovery

- displaying the PG POOL System DB info

Pulling it all together including eliminating any remaining single points of failure, heartbeat mechanisms, etc

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