Point in Time Recovery and Hot Standby

Looking for a solid high availability solution? Tired of dealing with
the complexity of installing and managing Slony-I? Look no more! With
new Hot Standby features coming in PostgreSQL 8.5, you'll be able to
quickly and easily deploy standby servers that are "hot" and can process
read-only queries.

In this tutorial we'll cover the Point-In-Time Recovery (PITR) features
of PostgreSQL 8.x, learn how to configure and manage PITR, and recover
from common failure scenarios.

We'll also take things up a notch, and learn how to configure PostgreSQL
8.5's "Hot Standby" feature to deploy a query-able standby server, and
learn how to tune hot standby to optimize performance and reliability.

This tutorial is a combination of lecture and (optional) "hands on"
exercises. Should you wish to perform the exercises, be sure to arrive
with a laptop running PostgreSQL 8.3 or newer, with the pg_standby
contrib module installed.

Trainer: Chander Ganesan