Talk Type:

3 Hour tutorial

Technical Level Title Full Name View
Intermediate Test Driven Database Development David Wheeler view
Intermediate Building an Open Geospatial Analysis Technology Stack Joe Conway view
Beginner Normalization workshop Brent Friedman view
Beginner GUCs: a Three-Hour Tour Josh Berkus view
Intermediate Django and PostgreSQL Christophe Pettus view
Talk Type: 45 Minute Talk
Technical Level Title Full Name View
Beginner Securing your web application Dave Page view
Intermediate Achieve PCI Compliance with PostgreSQL Denish Patel view
Intermediate Running Postgres 9.0 on Virtualized Environment Jignesh Shah view
Intermediate Database-driven cache invalidation Magnus Hagander view
Beginner PostgreSQL Reporting with BIRT Matthew Bennett view
Beginner Practical Postgres Sharding: Scaling to the Horizon Casey Duncan view
Beginner Dumb Simple PostgreSQL Performance Joshua D. Drake view
Beginner San Francisco's Street Address Management System Paul McCullough view
Beginner The Thinking Person's Guide to Data Warehouse Design Robin Schumacher view
Intermediate PostgreSQL as a secret weapon for high-performance Ruby on Rails applications Gleb Arshinov view
Intermediate Building and Distributing PostgreSQL Extensions Without Learning C David Wheeler view
Intermediate How To Say Yes To NoSQL: Using Redis With Postgres Ted Nyman view
Intermediate Clustering Rules! Using Business Rules to Automate Management of PostgreSQL Robert Hodges & Linas Virbalas view
Intermediate Introduction to Temporal Data Management Jeff Davis view
Beginner PostgreSQL Performance Pitfalls Greg Smith view
Intermediate Scaling PostgreSQL with Hot Standby Greg Smith view
Advanced Righting Your Writes Greg Smith view
Intermediate Case Study - Troll and Toad specialty e-tailer Brent Friedman view
Intermediate Rapid Upgrades With Pg_Upgrade Bruce Momjian view
Beginner How to build your own Mapping Website using an Open Source geo stack Ragi Burhum view
Advanced Database Operating Systems Dan Koren view
Intermediate Heretical Perl: Writing Catalyst Apps with no ORM Quinn Weaver view
Advanced Liberating Your Data From MySQL: Cross-Database Replication to the Rescue! Robert Hodges & Linas Virbalas view
Beginner Developing PostgreSQL Applications in Eclipse Jim Mlodgenski view
Intermediate Scaling PostgreSQL with GridSQL Jim Mlodgenski view
Intermediate Speeding up Django and other python apps with automatic remoting of database methods Hannu Krosing view
Beginner The PostgreSQL Community: an introductory tour Josh Berkus view
Intermediate Improving Planner Prediction Accuracy with Custom Selectivity Functions Nathan Boley view
Beginner Developing PGTop for Android Mark Wong view
Intermediate Enterprise-grade redundancy with Postgres 9.0 and Tungsten for M2M Applications Gabriel Campos view
Intermediate PostgreSQL-as-a-Service: How To Run 100,000 Ruby Apps At Once Peter van Hardenberg view
Intermediate Survey of PostgreSQL Monitoring Tools Gabrielle Roth view
Beginner Case Study: Scaling iParadigms with Postgres Richard Yen view
Intermediate PostgreSQL for mining biological data Kiran Mukhyala view
Intermediate MySQL: The elephant in the room Rob Wultsch view
Intermediate NoSQL and PostgreSQL: Complimentary Workflows Eric Lui view
Beginner Enova Financial and Postgres Jim Nasby view
Intermediate Writeable CTEs: Coming Soon! David Fetter view
Intermediate Parallel-Executing UDFs using Pervasive DataRush via PL/Java Davin Potts view
Intermediate PostgreSQL Clustering with Red Hat Cluster Suite Devrim Gunduz view
Intermediate Postgres 9, the other stuff Robert Treat view
Intermediate PostgreSQL and Node.JS Aurynn Shaw view
Intermediate Coverity Working Session David Maxwell view
Beginner Deployment Best Practices Chris Everest view
Intermediate Streaming GIS using PostGIS & SQLstream Julian Hyde, Sunil Mujumdar & Rick Saletta view
Talk Type:

5 Minute Lightning

Technical Level Title Full Name View
Beginner New stuff in pgAdmin Dave Page view
Beginner pg-version-compare: a web app to view or grep release notes between two PostgreSQL versions Quinn Weaver view
Beginner How To Make Sure Your Patch Gets Rejected Josh Berkus view
Intermediate Other Fun Features in 9.0 Gabrielle Roth view
Talk Type:

90 Minute Mini-tutorial

Technical Level Title Full Name View
Beginner PostgreSQL Backup and Recovery Methods Kevin Kempter view
Beginner Writing C Functions and C User Defined Types on Windows Using Visual Studio (C++) Tim Child view
Intermediate The PostgreSQL Query Planner Robert Haas view
Intermediate Using the PostgreSQL System Catalogs Robert Haas view
Advanced MVCC Unmasked Bruce Momjian view
Beginner HTSQL: A query language for the accidental programmer Clark Evans view
Beginner Blue skies: Replication using Skytools and Londiste Jim Nasby view
Intermediate Using LVM2 to provide copies of production data for testing Jon Erdman view