#PgEast trainings are running on March 22nd, 2011. You may view a schedule here. Trainings are purchased separately from the sessions which run on the 23rd - 25th. You may register for trainings here.
Title Training type Track Full Name View
Starting with Ruby on Rails Full day training Web Harold Giménez view
Intro to Postgres Client and Server Side Programming in C and Java Full day training Application development Joe Conway view
Building Web Applications with MongoDB Full day training


Brendan W. McAdams view
Mastering PostgreSQL Administration Full day training Administration Bruce Momjian view
Streaming replication and Hot Standby Half day training Replication/HA Magnus Hagander view
Surviving Server Overload Half day training Performance Greg Smith view
Applied PostgreSQL Clustering with Red Hat Cluster Suite Half day training Replication/HA Devrim Gunduz view
Pro PostgreSQL 9 Half day training Administration Robert Treat view