This is the first round of talks, more are being reviewed.

Talk Type: 45 Minute Talk
Technical Level Title Full Name View Track
Intermediate PostgreSQL and Ruby: Libraries and their Gaps Peter van Hardenberg view Application development
Intermediate Using PostgreSQL for Flight Planning Blake Crosby view GIS
Beginner Speeding Up Database Time Series Data Analysis using OpenCL Tim Child view Emerging technologies
Beginner 10 Tips for Selecting the Open Source that is Best for You Joe Conway view Best practices
Intermediate Flexible Replication: MySQL to PostgreSQL and (fresh!) PostgreSQL to MySQL and Oracle Linas Virbalas view Replication/HA
Beginner Sequel: The Database Toolkit for Ruby Jeremy Evans view Application development
Beginner Fast Read Scaling with repmgr Greg Smith view
Intermediate Bottom-up Database Benchmarking Greg Smith view Performance
Intermediate Monitoring The PostgreSQL Buffer Cache Greg Smith view Performance
Intermediate Bucardo: More than Just Multi-Master David Christensen view
Emerging technologies
Beginner Using BIRT with PostgreSQL Matthew Bennett view Business Intelligence
Intermediate Innovation with PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and Flash Gary Orenstein view Performance
Intermediate Breaking up the Monolith: Database Architecture for Developers Jeff Davis view Other
Beginner Automating Database System Administration with CFEngine 3 Aleksey Tsalolikhin view Administration
Intermediate PostgreSQL and J2ME (Java Micro Edition) - A How-To Guide Brent Friedman view Application development
Beginner PostgreSQL Backup and Recovery Kevin Kempter view Administration
Intermediate Exposing the power of PostgreSQL to Ruby Will Leinweber view
Application development
Best practices
Emerging technologies
Intermediate Queue Classic: A queueing library for Ruby powered by PostgreSQL view Emerging technologies
Intermediate On-Demand Replication: Turbocharging Productivity Daniel Farina view
Application development
Best practices
Emerging technologies
Beginner pg_dump, quite possibly the most important PostgreSQL utility Joshua D. Drake view
Best practices
Intermediate Scaling PostgreSQL Queries with Stado Jim Mlodgenski view Data warehousing
Beginner Visualizing PostgreSQL Data with the Google Web Toolkit Jim Mlodgenski view Web
Intermediate The Cure for SQL Race Conditions: True Serializability in 9.1 Jeff Davis view Application development
Intermediate Dumb Simple PostgreSQL Performance Joshua D. Drake view Performance
Beginner Advanced Query Construction & Reporting using HTSQL Clark Evans view Application development
Beginner pg_reorg – A Tool You Can’t Live Without Igor Polishchuk view Administration
Beginner schemaverse>SELECT * FROM my_player; Joshua McDougall view Other
Intermediate Defence In Depth, Don't Stop At The Middle Tier Joshua McDougall view Security
Intermediate Redis, nimble data bacon Harold Giménez view NoSQL
Intermediate Database Hardware Selection Denis Lussier view Performance
Intermediate Using vFabric Postgres - A DB User Perspective Jignesh Shah view Application development
Advanced vPostgres Database Internals Alexander Mirgorodskiy view Other
Intermediate Power Database-as-a-Service with VMware vFabric Data Director Bill Hodak view Administration
Advanced Using MVCC for Clustered Databases Robert Ross view Emerging technologies
Beginner Don’t Bring Me Down: New Approaches to Application Resilience in Cloud Environments Christine Normile view Emerging technologies
Intermediate TransLattice and PostgreSQL: Distributed Applications and Relational Databases Michael Lyle view Emerging technologies
Talk Type: 90 Minute Mini-Tutorial
Technical Level Title Full Name View Track
Intermediate PL/R -- The Fast Path to Advanced Analytics Joe Conway view Business Intelligence
Intermediate Using Open Source Tools - Project Mogwai ERDesigner Brent Friedman view Application development
Intermediate PostgreSQL HA Methods Kevin Kempter view Replication/HA
Beginner Installing and Using PostGIS Blake Crosby view GIS
Talk Type:
Technical Level Title Full Name View Track
Intermediate Performance From Start to Crash Greg Smith view Performance
Beginner Introduction to Ruby and Rails with PostgreSQL Harold Giménez view Application development
Beginner Why Be Normal(ized) - A normalization workshop Brent Friedman view Best practices
Intermediate DRBD - Failover and High Availability Meet Open Source Brent Friedman view Administration
Beginner Practical PostgreSQL Administration Jim Mlodgenski view Administration
Intermediate Hands-on High availability with PostgreSQL Scott Mead view