Advanced WAL file management with OmniPITR

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45 Minute Talk
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Ever since the advent of PITR in Postgres 8.1, people have been creating 1 off scripts designed to manage PITR and the xlog files that come with it. We've been just as guilty of this as anyone else, making specialized script after script for clients, tweaking for one difference or another. Finally last year we decided we could do better, and OmniPITR was born.

OmniPITR is a set of scripts designed to help manage and maintain WAL files for Postgres database. It was created in an effort to replace the myriad scripts we've encountered, and written, managing our clients Postgres installs over the years. It includes tools for both archiving, restoration, and creating portable backups on both the master and slave instance.

Designed to work with Postgres 8.2 and above, we've now replaced a whole mish-mash of scripts with something far more standard and re-usable. Cross platform and Postgres licensed, we have started to see more and more adoption outside of our client base, so we feel comfortable that it's a stable option for many of todays most demanding environments.