The brave new world of MaybeSQL: MongoDB for the relational guy

Talk Type: 
45 Minute Talk


Technical Level: 

As a database professional, the relational model has served you and your clients well. Be it Postgres or another RDBMS, you have delivered robust, scalable business applications. You initially dismissed all this new-fangled NoSQL stuff when you first heard about it. You came to the conclusion that those that like MongoDB only like it because they don't understand the relational model. However, perhaps you've begun to think your dismissal was too hasty. Maybe an experienced DBA that you consider a mentor recently deployed a mongo database to production. Perhaps somone on your devops team is porting your companies session handler to MongoDB. Maybe you just want to see what all this hype is about.

Well this talk is for you! I will give you a brief introduction to MongoDB. I will show you how to do basic queries in the shell and from PHP. I will also talk about MongoDB does well and not so well. You won't walk out of my talk a MongoDb expert. However, you will understand it enough to be able to evaluate which of your upcoming IT projects would be best served by MongoDB.