Building PostgreSQL Cloud Operations and Products

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45 Minute Talk
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Heroku is a Ruby platform as a service that was built around PostgreSQL. This talk examines the systems for managing PostgreSQL backups and restores for the entire Heroku cloud, both internally and as a customer facing product. This system captures over 10,000 backups a week from over 100,000 PostgreSQL databases.

It offers an overview of the PostgreSQL backup tools and strategies used at the core of the systems, both how they work well, and what shortcomings they have.

Then it expands to survey a broad but specific set of open source tools and cloud services that are used inside Heroku for storage, queuing, monitoring, alerting and more, and how these tools are ripe for rapid integration with PostgreSQL tools with a little bit of Ruby or Bash or Javascript glue.

It aims to remind infrastructure engineers that a lot of the hard and tedious work of building a product and running operations has already been solved by other experts: all the PostgreSQL contributors, other open source developers, and cloud service providers alike.

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