Clustering Rules! Using Business Rules to Automate Management of PostgreSQL

Talk Type: 
45 Minute Talk
Technical Level: 
Public Domain

Database clusters are famous for their complexity. Continuent Tungsten takes a novel approach to the complexity problem by using a the JBoss rules engine to automate failure handling as well as eliminate many tedious management operations. The resulting system can set up and operate PostgreSQL 8/9 clusters without human intervention for long periods of time and is easy to extend as well.

In this talk we will explain what business rules are and how Tungsten uses them. We'll also show a short demo that will give you a feeling for both the structure of the rules themselves as well as how they work in practice to handle server failures and other problems.

There has been a lot of fanciful talk about autonomic management for databases over the years. This is your chance to see what it really looks like when applied to your favorite database: PostgreSQL.