Data-driven cache invalidation

Talk Type: 
45 Minute Talk
Technical Level: 
Creative Commons - No Commercial

In todays world, nobody (should) deploy a web application facing the
internet without having a proper caching system in place. There are
many different solutions to choose from, from manual use of memcached
through framework integrated caching to external caches like Squid or
Varnish. Most modern frameworks come with integrated functionality for
at least one of these methods, and often more than one.

However, they often relies on all traffic going through the same
framework to work properly - a caching layer in Rails is hard to share
with one in Django. This talk will show a way to break the design
rules of these frameworks just a little, and have the database help
solve this problem.

This talk will use a small application written in Python using Django
to illustrate the examples, but the method is language independent.
Unsurprisingly, the database used is PostgreSQL.