Don’t Bring Me Down: New Approaches to Application Resilience in Cloud Environments

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45 Minute Talk
Emerging technologies
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Creative Commons - Attribution Only

Application deployment has become increasingly complicated with today’s performance, scalability, reliability, and compliance requirements. Technologies, such as utility computing in the cloud, can help reduce costs but also introduce new challenges, including meeting application database and data storage requirements.

This talk includes a comparison of scaling and redundancy models. Attendees will learn how to maximize application resilience and performance while containing costs. In the current relational model, operations staff deals with the complexity of where data is located and how to scale up. In the do-it-yourself/big data model, the development staff does. New architectures are emerging that hand the responsibility to the infrastructure itself.

The audience will gain insights regarding:
• Realizing the benefits of Cloud Computing
o Cost
o Scalability (Elasticity)
o Availability and Protection Against Data Loss
• Agility
• Deployment models – Scale Up vs. Scale Out
• Conventional Transactional Infrastructure
• Parallel Databases for Analytics
• Specialized Architectures for Large Scale: NoSQL and Friends
• Emerging Efforts at Horizontal Scalability of Enterprise Application Stacks