Enterprise-grade redundancy with Postgres 9.0 and Tungsten for M2M Applications

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iMETRIK Solutions Inc. is an innovator in embedded wireless tracking solutions (also known as machine-to-machine, or M2M) that enable companies to reduce cost and increase control of remote assets with hundreds of thousands of deployed devices in the field and millions of transactions. We had been searching for the perfect high-availability solution for our Postgres database infrastructure for years. This is a recount of our experiences and an overview of the solution we've found.

We have developed the iMETRIK platform with the goal of being the industry standard for those seeking speed-to-market solutions with a proven partner. We have created off-the-shelf solutions for three different markets: auto finance companies, BHPH dealerships and insurance companies; and a product for commercial fleet tracking. iMETRIK also acts as a wireless carrier or mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), thereby providing complete end-to-end delivery.

Hundreds of thousands of vehicles are currently tracked in our network, with another 10,000 added monthly. We have thousands of aftermarket customers in auto financiers, fleet operators like Avis and OEMs like Volkswagen. We continue to build on these successes in other mobile-asset and fixed-asset verticals.

We started out our business about 5 years ago with Postgres 8.0 as sole database choice and ever since we've been searching for the ultimate HA solution that would allow us to keep offering flawless service to our customers while supporting the rapid growth demand of our business; This day hadn’t come until we've found the perfect match with PG 9.0 and Continuent Tungsten Enterprise.

We have done extensive research and testing in our labs with different HA solutions, achieving mixed results and I’d like to recount and share with the community the experiences and challenges we’ve faced to build a bullet proof Postgres database platform for the benefit of anyone facing similar challenges.