GUCs: a Three-Hour Tour

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3 Hour tutorial

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Creative Commons - Attribution Only

Don't you wonder what all those obscure settings like "vacuum_min_freeze_age", "geqo_random_seed" and "cpu_operator_cost" in your postgresql.conf are for? With PostgreSQL 9.0, we now have well over 200 configuration variables, or GUCS, including several in files other than postgresql.conf.

While you only really need to know a handful of GUCS to run PostgreSQL under most circumstances, many seemingly obscure ones are useful for performance, log mining, replication, non-standard environments, and testing. In this three-hour sesson, core team member Josh Berkus will take you on a complete tour of all of the dozens of configuration variables, or GUCS, explaining what each one does and making recommendations on how to set them.

Attendees will receive a GUCS guide and recommended configurations for various purposes.