How To Say Yes To NoSQL: Using Redis With Postgres

Talk Type: 
45 Minute Talk
Technical Level: 
Creative Commons - Attribution Only

Redis is a sophisticated, fast, persistent key-value store. Although it's usually grouped in with the numerous new non-relational, "NoSQL" databases, Redis can in fact be used to great benefit in conjunction with PostgreSQL. In this talk, I'll discuss how to think about Redis, how to integrate it with your existing Postgres-based applications, and give examples of potential Redis use cases.

This talk will emphasize Redis' powerful, built-in structures, and how they can flexibly be used to store and query data. I'll talk about my philosophy of 'fast boolean lookups' for Redis, and how they can cut down on SQL queries, while preserving your existing data model.

Among the topics I'll discuss include:

  • How not to think about NoSQL
  • How to cleanly and effectively map ID's between Redis and Postgres
  • Quick and easy ways to use Redis immediately with your existing application