HTSQL: A query language for the accidental programmer

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90 Minute Mini-tutorial

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Creative Commons - Attribution Only

This is an introduction, tutorial and hands-on workshop on HTSQL, a web-native query language for PostgreSQL (and other RDBMS). I'll be showing how you can deliver custom reports, dashboards, and even develop a full-fledged application all client-side with Javascript.

Part I: Introduction & Tutorial (60 minutes)

* What is HTSQL? Accidental Programmer? (10 min)
* Up-and-Running in 5 Minutes (5 min, of course)
* Nifty Dashboards and Ad-Hoc Reports (10 min)
* Advanced Queries; SQL Priesthood not required (20 min)
* HTSQL Roadmap & Development Plans (5 min)
* Question and Answer (10 min)

Part II: Hands-on-Experience (30 minutes)
* Loading up Pagilla Database
* Installing & Starting HTSQL Server
* A few Ad-Hoc Queries
* Simple Dashboard /w JQuery+HTSQL
* Don't be a Report Monkey -- Canned Queries

HTSQL is a native web query language that turns a PostgreSQL database into an instant web service. The introductory material will be similar to what I presented in Ann Arbor MI (to a tiny audience) last month. For more information, see

We've been working on HTSQL for 5+ years, refining it incrementally in the field of Medical Research Informatics as a replacement for SQL. Overtime, HTSQL has become a rather sophisticated tool for doing complex database queries; for casual users, HTSQL is much more friendly than writing SQL queries. This fall (Oct for beta) we're releasing 2.0 of the system, which adds pluggable types and fixes many inconsistencies and usability defects in our previous version.