Installing and Using PostGIS

Talk Type: 
90 Minute Mini-Tutorial
Technical Level: 
Creative Commons - No Commercial or Modification

This mini-tutorial is aimed at PostgreSQL users who want to learn more about PostGIS.

You should be familiar with SQL and the concepts around a relational database. No previous experience with GIS is required.

Some topics we'll cover:

  • Installation (compiling, installing, and creating a postgis aware database template)
  • Education about postigs/gis topics including:
    • Projections
    • Geometry types
    • Units of measurements
  • Database design with postgis data types (ie, using the point type instead of storing lat/long in two separate columns)
  • How to import large amounts of gis data (using the WKT, and EWKT formats for geographic objects)
  • Table/Database Index optimization with GIS datatypes
  • Common queries, such as:
    • How far away is...
    • Which points of interests are within N kms...
    • What is the closest point of interest from another...
    • Give me the length of...
    • What is the area covered by...
    • Does point A and point B intersect...
  • Tools to visualize and QA your data
  • Exporting your data from the database in other formats (GML, KML, etc..)
  • Community resources

Users are welcome to follow along with their own instance of postgres during the tutorial.