Intro to Postgres Client and Server Side Programming in C and Java

Training type: 
Full day training
Application development
Technical Level: 

This full day class will cover the basics of both server and client side programming in C for PostgreSQL. It will also include client side Java programming.

The trainers will be Joe Conway, Michael Meskes, and Dave Cramer.

Topics covered will include:

Server Side -- extending PostgreSQL (Joe Conway):

  • Build System
  • Calling Conventions
  • Argument Passing
  • Return Value Handling
  • Error Handling
  • Memory Allocation and Contexts
  • Data Persistence
  • Set Returning Functions

Client Side -- using PostgreSQL from your application:

  • libpq (Joe Conway)
  • ECPG (Michael Meskes)
  • JDBC and Groovy (Dave Cramer)