Large Customers Want PostgreSQL Too !

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45 Minute Talk
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Public Domain

This presentation describes what is unique about larger customers and their databases that can prevent migrations to PostgreSQL. It also provides specific feedback from two large sites that are converting major applications to Postgres and the issues that these larger customers faced.

CNAF has run their 70 Billion Euro business on legacy mainframes for the past 20 years. The presentation describes why they were willing to convert their mainframe business applications to Postgres, the issues that were encountered, and the solutions that required a mindset change as well as technical innovations to engage a large customer into such a migration.

Banco do Brasil and CAIXA Bank are among the largest banks in the world. In attempting to migrate a major check processing application from Oracle to PostgreSQL, they encountered 50,000 lines of Oracle Stored Procedures. In this section we describe a tool that has been built to migrate the majority of complex Oracle-specific language constructs encountered in these Stored Procedures to Postgres-acceptable syntax.

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