Manage homogenous and heterogenous replication using the open source Tungsten Replicator

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45 Minute Talk
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Creative Commons - Attribution Only

Managing homogenous and heterogenous replication can be difficult and sometimes impossible. Tungsten Replicator simplifies replication management and enables previously impossible replication strategies. Learn how to use it to lower the management overhead of your PostgreSQL replication. This talk will demonstrate common use cases and how Tungsten Replicator solves them.

* How to setup Tungsten with PostgreSQL 9.0 streaming replication or warm standby
* How to handle the failure of a PostgreSQL master and promote a slave
* How to take systems offline for maintenance without disturbing applications
* How to use the integrated backup and restore functions
* Review other replication environments that Tungsten Replicator enables
* How to build self-managing clusters using Tungsten Enterprise

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