P90X Your Database!!

Talk Type: 
45 Minute Talk
Technical Level: 

One of those things that comes up regularly on the database performance tuning discussion over the time in particular are clients whose performance issues relate to "bloated" tables or indexes. Most clients are struggling to identify the bloated tables and indexes and others to trim bloated tables and indexes without locking or database outages. Obvious performance gain from shrinking bloated database is the driving factor to make database skinnier and faster in response time. In this talk, I will discuss on ways to make your database skinnier for faster performance.

Here is the outline for the talk :
* Why database getting bloated?
* How to identify bloated tables and indexes?
* Which are the ways to remove bloat?
* Vacuum vs Cluster
* Tools to remove bloat without locking or outage
- compact_table
- pg_reorg
* Performance gain
* Monitoring and trending bloat