Postgres 9, the other stuff

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45 Minute Talk
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Creative Commons - No Commercial or Modification

Most of the buzz around Postgres 9 has focused on hot standby and streaming replication. Not that that is a bad thing, but we've been using Postgres 9 in production for over 6 months (yes, really), and there is plenty more to like in the Postgres 9 release. Join us as we walk through some of the features that, once you have them, will have you cringing the next time you have to deal with one of those "old" 8.4 servers.

Features we'll talk about include:

* New GRANT options for much simpler privilege management
* Enhanced support for triggers and constraints
* Planner improvements
* Enhanced vacuum support
* Built in procedural scripting support
* In-place upgrades

If you're on the fence about upgrading, or just curious about what other new things you can now work with, this is the talk for you.