PostgreSQL and Ruby: Libraries and their Gaps

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45 Minute Talk
Application development
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The PostgreSQL database ships out of the box with a wide variety of unique features, including powerful type system, a built-in key-value store, full text search, cryptography libraries, and a huge tool chest of available contrib modules for all kinds of different tasks.

Unfortunately, many Ruby developers have been locked in a box by less powerful data stores and while they have been leaning on PostgreSQL's rock-solid storage engine, they have constrained themselves to the lowest-common-denominator features.

In this talk, I want to encourage Ruby developers to reach beyond their usual set of tools, and I will talk about some of the long-standing features you can take advantage of today. We'll also talk about some of the features which aren't as well supported yet, and look at how we as a community can work together to close that gap and bring the full power of PostgreSQL to bear on our problems.