TransLattice and PostgreSQL: Distributed Applications and Relational Databases

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45 Minute Talk
Emerging technologies
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Creative Commons - Attribution Only

TransLattice has developed new technology allowing geographically distributed, parallel databases. Starting with PostgreSQL technology and the open-source Postgres-R synchronous multimaster replication system, TransLattice has extended the relational database with transparent horizontal sharding and redundancy mechanisms.

In this talk, TransLattice’s use of PostgreSQL will be discussed, along with TransLattice’s open source strategy. A brief overview of the associated replication, data partitioning, and coherency approaches will also be given within the TransLattice Application Platform.

The audience will gain insights regarding:
• Horizontally scaling deployments of RDBMS and PostgreSQL
• The Postgres-R synchronous multi-master replication system
• TransLattice’s approaches within the PostgreSQL ecosystem.