Writing C Functions and C User Defined Types on Windows Using Visual Studio (C++)

Talk Type: 

90 Minute Mini-tutorial

Technical Level: 
Public Domain

The session describes how to build "Server-Side" C Functions and User Defined Types with PostgreSQL 8.4 and PostgreSQL 9.0 (Beta) on Microsoft Windows using Visual Studio 2010. The session includes the following topics

    Creating VS2010 Projects
    Setting Include Files & Directories
    Exporting C Functions
    Specifying Pre-Processor Macros
    Setting Compiler Command Lines
    Setting Linker Command Lines and Libraries
    Creating and Loading Functions
    Testing C Functions
    Debugging C Functions
    Building C Functions on the Windows x64 Platform
    Useful Resources and Other Tools
    Wish list

The session takes a step by step how to approach covering all the major steps. It provides information on how to avoid the pitfalls.