Frequently Asked Questions - General

As of 11/30/2010 we have generated over $85,000 USD in donations for the PostgreSQL community (SPI and PgUS).

Command Prompt is a for profit business. We do however strongly support the community financially as well as through contributions.

The conferences are organized by Command Prompt, Inc. with the assistance of many great members of the PostgreSQL community. Command Prompt is a long time contributor to the PostgreSQL community and uses the conference series as a way to reach out to community and educate new and existing users on PostgreSQL.

The conference provides (where possible) all slides of the presentations on-line for free. These presentation archives provide the single largest source of educational PostgreSQL material available. Command Prompt, Inc. is a long time supporter of the PostgreSQL Community. You can read about some of our contributions here.

The PostgreSQL Conference Series is designed to be a geographically strategic series of conferences that allow contributors, current users and future users/developers to learn and network. Our goal is to establish a series of forums for local developers, administrators, students, professors and users to mingle with leading PostgreSQL contributors. These forums will continue to be held in the United States. For International forums see the other conferences page.

The presentations are focused on educating the audience on what is possible with PostgreSQL including practical application, what developers and DBAs are doing right now and how that could help you. An attendee will walk away with tools and information they can apply. As well as more advanced topics about things you will be doing in the future.

Finally, we are using the conferences to raise funds to further use of PostgreSQL. The money we raise is used to support education efforts and community building such as sponsoring key developers to speak at other conferences. To experience PostgreSQL Conference, you have to attend, but here is a brief look at what you will be missing if you don't.

Your PostgreSQL Conferences team.

In the past we have recorded the conferences. However as the conference has grown this has become a lot more work than we have volunteers for.