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Gabriel Campos
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I have been involved building networks professionally for the last 15 years and playing with computers for as long as I can remember. Having started out as sysadmin for a small ISP in 1996 running and managing their network to holding various network and systems and network management positions at different companies in the same industry. I was offered a position in 1999 at Ericsson as a systems deployment engineer where I gained experience in telecoms and then decided to move back to the ISP industry around 2003 when I was offered a position as lead engineer building out a large-scale network supporting hundreds of thousands of broadband internet subscribers. After that mandate was finished in 2006, I held various consulting positions until 2007 where I joined iMetrik as lead network architect where I have the chance to apply all the different skills I've learned over the years and never do the same two days in a row.


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