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Kevin Kempter
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Kevin Kempter has an extensive background in the I.T. industry.
He holds an associates degree in C.I.S., a bachelors degree in Technical Business Management and an MBA with a focus on e-business.
Kevin has over 15 years in the I.T. field with experience ranging from low level C/UNIX programming to senior level DBA and Data Warehouse Architecture. Kevin has over 10 years designing large scale database systems and is Co-author of the book “Informix Unleashed”. (SAMS Publishing, 1997).
These days Kevin is focused on leveraging his database and systems experience for large scale database systems and enterprise wide systems architecture. He is increasingly engaged with companies to architect and implement large scale database conversion projects and is an increasingly strong supporter of open source software.
Kevin has extensive experience with Informix, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Linux and UNIX. Kevin is also active with several startups which are utilizing various open source tools and techniques to bring business intelligence to both small and large buisiness customers.
Kevin is the founder and Chief Architect for Consistent State - A PostgreSQL Professional Services shop (www.consistentstate.com)


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