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Michael Lyle
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Mr. Lyle is the President, Chief Technical Officer and Co-founder of TransLattice and is responsible for the company’s strategic technical direction. He is a recognized leader in developing new technologies and has considerable experience in networking and distributed systems. Previously, Mr. Lyle designed and implemented a complete product line of security services at Exodus Communications and played a pivotal role in the company’s network engineering department.

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Mike served as co-founder and CTO of Recourse Technologies, where he led the design and architecture of the company’s products. Recourse’s groundbreaking technology included a distributed security threat management system and advanced, high data-rate network intrusion detection technology. After Symantec acquired Recourse Technologies in 2002, Mr. Lyle was named chief architect at Symantec. Most recently, he was an entrepreneur-in-residence at DCM, a leading Silicon Valley venture capital firm.

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