Amanda (Salamander) Nystrom, Conference Coordinator

Reasons to Attend

The Postgresql Conference provides an opportunity for the Postgres community to come together to share and celebrate the most recent advances to the product. If you are currently a Postgres user, or are considering deploying the world's most advanced open source database within your organization, you can't miss this show. This is a cost effective way to receive training, build your skills, hear from your peers and other end users about their implementations, and network with the community leaders to discuss future product directions.

Technical Skill Building

Many of the top minds of the Postgres community will be on-hand to present their ideas for Postgres. Learn the latest tips and tricks, and get your most challenging questions answered from those who wrote the code. Unlike learning about Postgres from whitepapers, developer's guides or online forums, The PG Conference allows users to participate, network and socialize with these core community members.


Attending PG Conferences is a cost effective investment of time and money for those working with Postgres. This show provides 4 days of intense technical skills building and opportunities to interact with the broader Posgres Community.

There are sessions dedicated to general PostgreSQL topics like:

  • Administration
  • Performance
  • High Availability
  • GIS

Additionally, there are sessions focused on the development stack:

  • Java/J2EE, Ruby/Rails, Groovy/Grails
  • Python/Django/Pylons/TurboGears/Custom
  • Perl5/Catalyst/Bricolage
  • Access to the broader Postgres ecosystem

As we look to bring together the builders with the users of Postgres, this year's conference will have content developed from the broader partner ecosystem. These session will showcase how companies are building solutions and solving business problems with Postgres today. This is a great opportunity to walk away with ideas on how to solve your most pressing business challenges (or find contacts for those who can help).

End-user and customer success stories

This year's conference is as much about the core technology as it is about those who use it to solve business challenges. There will be ample opportunities to network and socialize with your peers . those who are putting Postgres in play in their organizations. Come hear development and deployment stories and get some ideas on how to improve the success of your next project.

Network and socialize with your peers

With panel discussions, roundtables, and ample social time, you'll find it easy to explore how Postgres is put to the test in other organizations. Meet your counterparts and other users to learn about their successful implementations and how they overcame their biggest challenges. And there will be many one-on-one opportunities to meet with core contributors to discuss priorities for the next release.

Who Should Attend

  • Administrators - Learn about the latest tools and techniques for managing the integrity of your Postgres environment while also improving your efficiency.
  • Developers - Check out the latest and greatest tools and techniques to help you efficiently design, develop, deploy, and manage your data.
  • End users - Learn how Postgres is helping other organizations solve critical business challenges at a fraction of the cost of alternative RDBMs.
  • Decision makers (IT Managers, IT Directors) - Hear from other customers and the success that they have enjoyed with Postgres in their environment.